Creator's Landing

Creator's Landing is a small coastal town that happens to be one of the main ports of the island. It has some local significance that gives residents pride in their town, but it is not a very popular destination on its own.

Flavor text

You step off the boat and look out at the area below, the smell of salt still in the air. You see Creator's Landing, the port city of the province of Usill. Hundreds of people work and live here, helping in their own way to help the city work in harmony. There is a small house to the left that has a golden star over the door. There is a path in either direction leading to separate parts of the downtown area.

Upper Downtown

Upper downtown has some of the most popular shops in Creator's Landing. There is a blacksmith, an alchemist and an enchanter. The hustle and bustle of the civilians and merchants creates a happy yet chaotic vibe.

Besla's Furnace (Blacksmith)

You enter Besla's domain. She is an older Cetacean blacksmith, but she still has a knack for forging the finest weapons and armor out of things that others would discard. She is a master at her craft, and the walls of the shop are decorated with weapons of every kind. You can hear her banging away at a molten sword.


Steel Flail 11 gold +1 damage
Wooden Quarterstaff 1 gold +0 damage, can be used to focus magic
Iron Buckler (shield) 4 gold +1 armor, limits you to one-handed weapons while held
Bladed Longbow 1500 gold Gives +2 on dexterity rolls when shooting at bladed enemies
Iron Dagger 1 gold +0 damage, allows a second strength attack
Iron Spear 1 gold +0 damage, pierces armor, can be thrown
Studded Leather Armor 40 gold +1 armor

Potions of Legend (Alchemist)

The dark and dusty potion shop has case after case of potions. The proprietor Selbo (an older male shark) has been honing his craft for years (though a lot of the stuff looks notably dated) and has set up a small binder on the main desk for people to look through. He does not wave at you or notice you coming in.


Rest in a Bottle 65 gold Consuming this potion replaces sleep
Elixir of Increased Supreme Health 1500 gold Increases max health by 5d6 for one day
Potion of Cat Agility 175 gold Increases your dexterity to 14 for 1 hour
Potion of Giant Strength 175 gold Increases your strength to 14 for 1 hour
Spell Weaver Brew 2500 gold Restores all of your spells and lets you pick 3 more to use for 1 hour

The Enchanter's Arcane Gifts

Walking into the shop, you feel in awe. The owner of this shop means business. The walls are not coated in inventory like the other shops, but what is there is of the highest quality. There is a painting of a large tree on the wall framed in gold. Kasula, a muscular middle-aged Elf, runs this shop and continues to work on new and fantastic wonders.


Frost Arrow 5 gold (5 for 20 gold) When the arrow hits its target, it deals an additional 1d4 cold damage, on 4 the enemy is frozen. One use each
Heartwood Armor 125 gold +2 armor at the weight of light armor, does not have disadvantage on stealth checks
Charged Sword 135 gold Has 1d4 charges, when a charge is used the weapon gives you +1 to attack and damage rolls for that turn. When all charges are expended it becomes a normal weapon that gives no distinct bonuses
Blade of Olympus 1000 gold This greatsword weighs 3 slots, but gives d6 extra damage against huge enemies (and +3 otherwise)
Shield of Absorption 80 gold Has 1d4 charges, when a charge is used the shield gives you elemental resistance for a turn
Hydrokinetic Wand 500 gold This wand has three charges (that restore every day), while holding it you can shoot a torrent of water at a target. On success, deal 2d6 bludgeoning damage

Lower Downtown

There is an open-air market in the lower parts of downtown. There is a a church to the east that has a reputation for being welcoming and friendly. There is a tavern to the south named The Scarlet Dragon. People of all kinds and species walk in and out of it happy.

Administrative Building

The administrative building is here, it stands tall and proud. There are flags for both the Cetacean Hedgemony and for the province of Usill flying in front of it. The town premier is standing outside the front of it, sadly sighing and looking like something is very very wrong.

Quest giver for exploring the sewers to find out why the rats are so aggressive. Upon finding out (through either scouting or exploration), the administrator will give you a quest to put an end to the madness.

The Scarlet Dragon

When you walk into The Scarlet Dragon, you are greeted by the sounds of dancing, singing and merriment. The barkeep is a young elf named Aildred. There are open seats at the bar that look like they are waiting for you to sit in them. You never know who you may see in a bar like this!

Pitcher of Wine 1 gold -4 dex, +3 cha for 1 hour, comes with 4 mugs
Cheese Wheel Quarter 5 gold +5 hp
Loaf of Bread 10 gold +10 hp
Extra Mugs 1 gold (free with drink purchase) can be used as a bludgeoning weapon or to activate traps
Gallon of Ale 1 gold -4 dex, +3 cha for 1 hour, comes with 4 mugs
Refills 1 gold Limit 4

The Church of Divae

This church was established in the honor of a legendary hero named Divae that managed to ascend to godhood, if the legends are to be believed. The church has stained glass murals of important events in Cetacean history: the creation myth, the story of finding the island, the taming of the sharks, the airships from the north and so many others. There is a cleric that is willing to help answer questions.

The cleric here is a quest giver for investigating the sewers for a monument to Divae beneath the town. It's been rumored this exists, but nobody has really found any evidence of it. Maybe you will change this. Whoever find this monument will help save the island.

Once the players find the monument and talk with the cleric (who is on loan from Kahsis for the town's normal cleric), and he will point the party to a cave to the east of Creator's Landing called jaurkevna, it will be a shortcut to the sands of Miau. Mention that the cave is allegedly abandoned and has been a clerical secret for a long time. Wish the players luck.


  • Citizens of Creator's Landing shit in buckets that they pour out into the nearest sewer entry point.

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