Campaign Overview

!!! NOTE !!!
If you are one of my players and reading this, please stop and go somewhere else. This will contain spoilers.

Main Goal

Retrieve the eight heart crystals from the 8 kingdoms of the island. Return them to the monument in Creator's Landing. After doing this, the final trial emerges where the heroes will put everything they learned to the test. Option to ascend to godhood.

The Island

The island is named Malto (cf. toki pona ma telo, which roughly translates to "island" I guess). There are a few major species living on it. The species are as follows:

  • Cetaceans (orcadragons)
  • Sharks
  • Sneps
  • Chees
  • Nopons
  • Elves
  • Dragons
  • Terrans

  • Locations

    Creator's Landing

    The port town that has the plot monument in it. Also runs a variety of local festivals.

    Creator's Landing
    jaurkevna (link to Miau)


    The desert that the Miau live in. See the Miau page for more information.

    jaurkevna (link to Creator's Landing)


  • Piercing weapons roll for dexterity
  • Shield bashing rolls for dexterity

  • Cleric Advancements:
  • Sacred Arrow: Casts divine light from my deity Pneuma that deals 3d6 to the entire enemy battlefield, damage spread evenly across all enemies (result from 3d6/enemy count), can only be used once per level

  • Important Characters


    A Terran cleric. Saved by the party from uncertain doom on a slow boat to nowhere. Has been trying to get back to his hometown of Jeltral, but needs to recuperate at the temple in Creator's Landing after his long trip.

    Boat Trip

    The Marmion helped move people from $SOMEWHERE_ELSE to the island. On the Marmion the party met the Terran cleric Davidson.


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