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Personal Logs

These logs will contain thoughts, feelings, major events in my life and other such things. The topics covered will range from programming to spirituality and more.

7/26/2020 - The Beginning
7/27/2020 - 6E Notes
7/27/2020 - [ANN] majc 0.2.0
7/28/2020 - Favicon, Weird Dreams and More
7/28/2020 - [ANN] majc 0.2.1
7/29/2020 - My Book is Published!
7/29/2020 - Some Hacks for Writing Scenery and Characters
7/31/2020 - Newsbook Experiment
8/1/2020 - This site is hosted with Maj
8/5/2020 - L'ewa Development
8/5/2020 - RPG Character Backstory Generator
8/8/2020 - Maj CGI Support
8/11/2020 - Keyboard Thonks
8/15/2020 - The Source 0.2.0
9/12/2020 - My Thoughts on Paper Mario and the Origami King


Occasionally I write little stories that are not really connected to anything. I have not really had a good place to publish these in the past. This place seems as good as any.

The Story of Hol
The h Koan
The Cheese Dream
le'i ka na viska kakne ku e le xanto
The Sumerian Creation Myth
Mara's Ransack of Castle Charon


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