6E Notes

I've been copying over my 6E notes from my paper journal and collecting them at /6e. For more information about 6E, see the link below:

My campaign/worldbuilding notes

The stories I write in here will probably be inside the universe of Malto. I'm using these little bits and bobs of content to help do two main things. For one I want to explore smaller ideas and more contained narratives that are difficult to explore in other forms. Second, I want to use all of this to build up to writing a fantasy novel about how someone got completely jaded by society's hierarchies and then proceeded to save it from itself. I'd like to have this novel take the form of the main character's personal journal, with a different entry for each day of the adventure. Kinda like a combination of the Pendragon series and the found footage genre of filming. Think the democratization of magic instead of piling it up in elitist groups.

I may end up publishing the novel such that it's easily viewable through Gemini. As far as I know this would be a first!


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