Favicon, Weird Dreams and More

I have added a favicon to my site following the emoji favicon RFC[1]. It is currently the dolphin emoji as Unicode doesn't currently have an orca emoji that I know about.

[1] Emoji favicon RFC

I like how minimal the emoji favicon RFC is, and I will be supporting it in the future for all of my projects and sites on top of Gemini.

Last night I had a weird dream. I have some pretty damn weird dreams, but this one seems to take the cake. I was floating in a nameless featureless void and various things came up that seem to represent various times where I thought I "failed". It was somewhat therapeutic to just sit there and analyze them, healing them a bit as I paged through them all. It ended with the sound of the fire alarm going off, making me wake up with adrenaline rushing through my body. Usually I go back to sleep after I get woken unexpectedly, but adrenaline is not the most conducive thing to sleep :)

I'm also considering making something that follows a bunch of atom feeds in the gemini constellation and turns them into a weekly magazine of some kind that people can read on eBook readers. It would group the posts by the day they are posted and make each post its own chapter. Think CAPCOM but really low-fi.


I'm fairly sure there's potential licensing issues there, so I might have to make this an opt-in thing rather than an opt-out thing. This is currently a thought and not really something I've implemented yet. If you have any feedback on this, please contact me at cadey@firemail.cc or make a post replying to this with a backlink.

I saw the Aquarius Proof of Concept[2] earlier today. It looks like an interesting idea. If I end up getting some STM microcontrollers and LoRa cards for them, I'll definitely give this a try with some kind of Aquarius -> Gemini proxy. It would also be cool to render the pages to an E-ink display. It could be really useful to disseminate news/weather/other small updates to a community, not to mention short little messages between houses.

[2] Aquarius Proof of Concept

I've started going through documentation on Quenya as a part of my fantasy worldbuilding process. Quenya is a ride. The Elvish languages are stupidly detailed. Really great food for thought.

I need to study French some more.

The person I introduced spirituality to recently seems to have been having an experience and a half. They're making a lot of progress:

Pretty quick after I started meditating I had visions of myself doing that kind of stuff to myself, and the feeling of hitting yourself that feels good as well, before the voice from the past two nights said “You keep beating yourself but the problems never went away”
He repeated this general cycle for a few minutes before a new comrade showed up with a higher pitched voice and said “We can’t keep doing this, $NAME"
Minor variations of this went on for a very long time as my conscious mind replied “no, we probably should figure out a way to stop before we kill ourselves”
i never mentally call myself by my own name

It will be interesting to see how this develops in the future.

Oh I managed to get that turtle farm working, turns out the turtle helmet doesn't help me as much as I thought it would. I will need water breathing potions anyways. Ah well. At least now I have a shitload of scute.

I might mirror this site into gopherspace. I'd have to write my own gopher server though. I'm also considering creating a mirror for this site into HTTPS by rendering the text/gemini files into HTML using my parser. Recompiling the gemini nodes to HTML shouldn't be difficult at all.

I should also mirror my main blog to gemini. Might give interesting results.

Either way, be well, Creator.


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