My Book is Published!

I'm pleased to announce my book Musings from Within is now available on Amazon and! If you want to purchase it, head to either of the links below:


I am currently putting this book up for USD$5, which I feel is more than fair. If you want to read this book but don't have the ability to pay $5 for its content, please email me and I'll give you an eBook copy for free.

This book contains a lot of my stories, essays and even a few recipes. It's the culmination of over 5 years of writing into one volume. This is the second book I have ever published, and the first book that I have published on

Maybe some day I'll publish my flight journal into a book. The text/gemini format is simple enough that it could be done pretty easily.

This morning I woke up unexpectedly. The fire alarm made the noise that it makes when it's about to go off, the light started flashing and then it just stopped while we were getting up to head down the fire escape stairs. Fucking troll. I'm very awake though! Nothing like a little bit of adrenaline to get the blood pumping. Probably going to complain to the apartment complex later today.

I found this really nice vaporwave album called Underwater Computing. It's got a nice rhythm to it and the songs are just dripping with that late 90's aesthetic.

Underwater Computing


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