The Source 0.2.0

I have been working on a new draft of The Source, which is the name for the system I have been using for tabletop roleplaying games. It is loosely based on Jared Sinclair's 6th Edition [1], but it has a lot more detail and some advice for new dungeon masters on how to play the game. I still need to make character sheets (will probably do them in inkscape or as plain text files), but I'm about ready to call this version 0.2.0.

[1] Jared Sinclair's 6th Edition

Here are some of the high level changes that have been made since I released 0.1.0 on patreon:

  • DnD attribute names have been replaced with more generic attribute names to make it easier for dungeon masters to figure out what attribute should fit in a given circumstance
  • Strength and Constitution have been merged into Tough
  • Dexterity has been renamed Quick
  • Intelligence and Wisdom have been split into Clever, Perception and Learned
  • Charisma has been renamed Charm
  • All of the class and race specific documentation has been changed to reflect the stat renames
  • I have rewritten the book content with gemtext instead of using Homebrewery, this does mean I don't have embedded images anymore but I would rather this book focus on the actual content over visual aids
  • Monsters in The Dwarven Cavern have been slightly rebalanced

  • I'm still wondering about what to do with the term "Dungeon Master". I think it might be better to replace it with something else (I'm considering a metaphor involving that player being the game world itself, but I still need to plan it out more), but the term is very deeply ingrained into table-top roleplaying game culture. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to contact me with them.

    If you want to read through my draft, check it out at /the-source[2]. Any feedback, criticism or suggestions are incredibly welcome.

    [2] The Source 0.2.0

    Oh also I'm at about 30 words per minute on level 2 of with about 98% accuracy. Steady progress!