Colemak Mod-DH

In the past I mentioned that I was switching to Colemak. I've gotten really good with it, passing 70 words per minute. However something I've noticed is that d and h have been annoying to hit. My split keyboard helped a little with this, but as I've been getting faster and faster I've noticed that it was slightly uncomfortable to hit those letters.

Then I stumbled across Colemak Mod-DH [1]. It builds on top of Colemak and only swaps a few letters around. As a side effect of this, the top 10 letters English uses are the most comfortable to hit. This lets me go even faster.

[1] Colemak Mod-DH

I've been writing all of my content and code using this new layout. It's annoying that the iPad doesn't have support for custom keymaps, or for having different keymaps for different hardware keyboards. I've had to leave my iPad in qwerty mode for the time being. It is really weird writing in qwerty again. I have recovered a lot of my typing speed, however I can only really maintain it in short bursts.


On Friday I will be going into quarantine due to needing to cross the border back into Canada. I plan to write a quarantine diary to document my two weeks. I will be sure to upload them to this flight journal.

Stress sucks.