Quarantine Diary Day 1

This is the first in a 14 part series where I will document my quarantine period for going back into Canada from the US.


I am sitting in MSP waiting for my flight to board. It boards at about 15:00. I've been sitting here for about 4 hours. I had lunch from a 1950's looking diner, it was some chicken strips and fries. The fries had a delicious salt and pepper coating.

My fiance is doing the final passes at the grocery store. We're getting a bunch of vegetables, eggs and rice. We have a lot of beans stocked up from last year, and hopefully we will have enough food to last us the two weeks.

The podcast episode I was a part of has been released[1].

Software At Scale Episode 2 [1]

I feel nervous. It took some convincing with the Delta agent to be able to board this flight at all. I had to show them my LIMA and work permit application papers. Hopefully this anxiety is unjustified.

My keyboard wasn't selected for additional screening, thankfully.

My Animal Crossing island started snowing today. I managed to build a snowman, which the in-game UI called a "snowfolk".

The people on the plane are disembarking now so that the ground crew can clean the plane. I'm probably about to have to pack up. Flying internationally during a pandemic is a stressful thing.

I'm gonna try out Cyberpunk 2077 when I get home.


I'm in Detroit now. Normally after flights I feel hungry but this time I just didn't. I got a giant bottle of water. My fiance tells me we should have enough food to brave quarantine. Let's hope we do.

My fucking jacket is so hot holy fuck. I really need to get a thinner jacket. I would just be wearing my hoodie right now but I was having issues packing my clothes into my backpack, so I pulled my jacket out and am wearing that. I have it off right now while I write this at the gate.

This facemask is annoying lol.

So sometimes I just open up a text file, start writing and just let the words flow out until it feels like I am done. Today it got really fucking dark lol:


I was nervous before, but now I just feel calm. Really calm. Everything is going to be okay. I don't have any reasons to worry.

Just waiting for the desk person to get to the desk and give me a seat assignment. Then I will board the flight and head on to Toronto! After I get the work permit in Toronto I will catch another flight to Montreal and then finally go home and pass the fuck out.


Hello from the YYZ chapel. Being an ordained minister is great. I can get away with claiming that I need to be in here for religious reasons and they can't say no. It sucks that my next flight is at 9 AM.

I'm gonna go do some WingMakers study.