Quarantine Diary Day 2


I stayed up all night. The only things keeping me awake at the moment are caffeine and spite. My fiance fell asleep around 2 am. I'm waiting at my gate currently and just starting to piss away the 3 hours I need to wait for my flight home.

I had Tim Horton's coffee around 4:30 AM. It was horrible at first, but as I drank more of it, it slowly grew on me. I probably should have had them add a cream or two.

I was one of the first people through security. The terminal is almost completely empty. There's a kid's playground at the gate. I would have thought COVID would shut that stuff down, however it seems to just be there anyways. I probably should have waited a bit longer to go into security. I could have finished my coffee. The Timmies on the other side of the gate isn't open yet (I don't expect it to be open until about 7 am).

When I get home I'm gonna call the Canadian government to let them know I'm entering quarantine, and then I will pass out. And when I pass out it will be glorious. I don't plan to move for the rest of the day.

My fiance fell asleep around 2 am, he tried to stay on the call with me as long as he could. I really wonder what I've done to deserve him.

I think this will be the biggest airplane I've ever ridden on. It has a center aisle as well as edge aisles. I have a whole center row to myself.


Still waiting at the gate. It looks like I'll be doing quarantine checkin with the government of Canada via an app! This is neat. I will have to make sure to do this every day. I should tell my fiance about this so he can remind me to do it with my medicine each morning.

I have this weird feeling of wanting to do some creative/fiction writing but also I have no real desire to do creative/fiction writing. It's the kind of fun mood that results in apathy.


I'm home safe. I got home at about 10 am and have been resting.

We had scrambled eggs + chicken breast meat + cheese + tortillas. It was really nice.