Quarantine Diary Day 3


I slept from 5pm to midnight. I am really well-rested. I had some BBQ chips and I'm watching Star Trek.

I had a nightmare I don't want to repeat here.


I just filled out my daily quarantine check-in. I slept for 4 more hours and I feel really goddamn rested.

I think I'm gonna have some coffee (McCafe medium roast, with cream and Timmies Hot Cocoa mix) and plan out what I'm gonna eat today. I might just have a can of soup.

I start my new job tomorrow. That feels surreal. I've provisioned my work laptop with NixOS. Let's hope that works out.


Been playing Cyberpunk all day. I stopped playing after a while and went over to my twitter account to shitpost about it. I was locked out of my twitter account for some reason. I filed a ticket with support because the SMS isn't showing up.