Quarantine Diary Day 6


Almost halfway done with quarantine! I swear the moment I get out of quarantine I am going to have a meal from McDonalds. I'm gonna get my usual triple quarter pounder order with a McFlurry.

I had leftover beans and rice from Day 4[1] for lunch. I need to cook the chicken today. I might make pasta tonight.

[1] Day 4

Still spinning up at work. I am told it will take about a month in total to spin up. I am not rushing it :).

I kinda wish we stocked up on more snack food. Usually we go out for snacks about once per week, but we're in quarantine so we can't. I would kill for some BBQ chips.

I've continued working on my Gemini server/framework and I've gotten close to the point where I want to throw it online and test it in the real world. It's surprisingly little code to implement a Gemini server. If you want to use my framework in its current state, check out the types here[1].

[1] github.com/Xe/rhea/gemini

It's really rough at the moment, but I'm working on cleaning it up.