The Story of Hol

The bartender Ke'ra ran a failing tavern, and was running out of hope and money. One day, the bartender found a weird looking mug and found that it could be used to talk with the gods. He eventually found a god named Hol. Hol offered him the recipe for the strongest alcohol he could possibly make, for a price. Ke'ra agreed without further thought and gained the ability to make intensely strong alcohol, but lost his ability to negotiate permanently.

One day the local ombudsman got news of how strong the liquor was and decided to enforce some obscure liquor control law to get the strength reduced. Ke'ra refused to negotiate and it escalated into a situation where Ke'ra kicked the ombudsman so hard that he flew into the wall. People started calling the tavern "the place where the ombudsman flew" and that eventually evolved into the name The Flying Ombudsman.

Business has been booming ever since.


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